Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast | How To Double Your Value With One Conversation 

On this episode of the GMAP podcast hosted by Mike Michalowicz we discuss the sales conversation and restructure it in a way that you are bringing value. The goal here is not to have a sales conversation but a service conversation. Walk  through the six steps to having an extraordinary service conversation that will get the client to say yes, or if it’s appropriate to actually say no, but no matter what always committing to the next step. That way you are always moving the sale along and bringing results to the clients throughout the entire process.

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Nemo Radio | The Closer - Sales Secrets With Debra Angilletta

John Nemo says, "Debra Angilletta is the best sales closer I've ever met for a reason - she's made more than 15,000 sales calls(!) over the years, bringing in more than $25 million of revenue for her clients and employers. Best of all, Debra sells without being sleazy, spammy or pushy!

On this episode of Nemo Radio, Debra shares the specific steps, scripts and strategies she uses on sales calls, and why it works so well for both the seller AND the buyer. Don't miss this one!"

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Pricing is Positioning Podcast with Paul Klein | Closing The Sale With Debra Angilletta

Per Paul Klein, "This week I’ve got an exciting guest for you! Debra Angilletta is the founder & CEO of Angilletta & Associates Certified Profit First Professional & Sales Mastery Instructor. Her course  "Sales Mastery" Online Course was created specifically for accountants, bookkeepers & financial Coaches. Debra is a virtual CFO, financial Coach and former Wall Street Trader who has spent the past  spent 30 years in the sales trenches.

On this episode of The Pricing is Positioning Podcast, we discuss the importance of closing a sale, Debra’s business background and of course, how she approaches pricing!"

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