How To Get Qualified Leads

Accounting and bookkeeping practices struggle with bringing in qualified leads.

How can this be when you enjoy a steady stream of referrals?

As I’ve been speaking to a ton of accountants and bookkeepers over the last 5 years, they say 90% of their business is generated from referrals.

How awesome!

But not so fast.

Referrals aren’t the solution to growing an accounting practice.

Qualified leads are.

The Qualified Leads Problem

You have a long time client you’ve been doing compliance work for.

They refer you based on how they see you – “the tax person”, “the bookkeeper”, etc.

These days, accountants and bookkeepers want to get out of that day to day work that keeps them in the grind of more work, less time, and for less money.

You are looking for more advisory based clients.

But you won’t get those if your current clients sees you doing the compliance work.

How do you start to shift this?

You have to put your clients and best referral sources on notice.

This is the perfect opportunity to re-connect with your clients and start shifting away from calls that start with “How are things going?” to a more consultative call.

You need to go deeper on what’s happening for them in their business.

Start planting the seeds to becoming that trusted advisor with your CURRENT clients.

How To Train Your Referrals To Get Qualified Leads

Review your current client list and choose 5-10 that refer you business often.

Start practicing having a consultative call with your current clients.

Here are results you can expect:

  • New opportunities to work together
  • Clients will begin to see your VALUE beyond compliance
  • Train your best client referral sources to send you the RIGHT referrals!

Current clients will begin to see you in a different light.

Then they will begin to understand the VALUE you bring to the table.

Remember, you hold all of the gold when it comes to the inner workings of their businesses.

You are the PERFECT person to have these deeper level conversations based on your insight.

This way you start to re-train your referral sources on the type of work you are moving towards being that trusted advisor vs the compliance person.

Once your best client referral sources have that consultative experience with you, they can see your VALUE their experience.

And along with seeing your VALUE, they can start sharing their experience with the RIGHT referrals.

The right referrals = qualified leads.

Your referral sources can now become a more powerful force teeing up the best future clients to grow your accounting practice.


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