Your Sales Receipt

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you just want to do good in the world.  You want to be able to help people at a super high level, and make a difference.

You started your business, then realized you get tongue-tied when it comes to selling your services to potential clients.

Why does this happen?

Well, let’s see if we can start by re-framing what sales is for you.

As one of my mentors, David Neagle says, “Sales is not something you do ‘to’ someone; it’s something you do ‘for’ someone.”

Now, there is a difference! Going into a conversation thinking you have to “convince” someone to do something is setting yourself up for instant failure. NO ONE does anything they don’t want to do. And you will never convince or sell someone something they don’t want.

And that my friends, is where the gold lies. This is where sales gets really fun, and you get to do something “for” your prospects.

Picture it…a box with a big, red bow on it.

Now, here is what lies inside. People are coming to you for a reason. It may not be explicit, but they are there for some reason. They have a problem they feel that you may be able to help them solve. And they can’t get to the solution themselves. So, what do they need from you?


Welcome to Sales 101 ladies! It all starts with the “Gift of Clarity”.

In the initial sales conversation with prospects, it’s all about understanding three things: 

1. What they want.

2. What’s getting in the way of what they want.

3. What’s their level of commitment to getting what they want.

People start a conversation with you confused, and leave that conversation with the big “ah-ha” moment of clarity. That gift of clarity is seamlessly starting to create the roadmap of how you can work together to get to what they want.

No one else is doing this for them. It’s all you baby!

As the heart-centered entrepreneur, sales is a gift you give your prospects. Because when your prospects don’t have clarity, they are living in a land of confusion. And being stuck in that state of confusion is not serving them. It’s causing them discomfort and even sometimes physical pain. They know it. That’s why they are talking to you.

So, congratulations. Keep on trucking with your sales conversations and starting out the relationship on the right foot.

Giving people the gift of clarity will put sales in your pocket; but, for your clients, it’s absolutely priceless.