Number One Way To Double Your Sales Revenue

If you’re feeling refreshed and renewed coming off of an incredible summer, why not challenge yourself by choosing a new sales revenue goal?

If you’re a money making entrepreneur, you most likely have hit money goals in the past. You have the plan in place, and you already know “how” to make money.

Maybe you’ve tried this before,

Without success . . .

Or maybe you’re just gun-shy about making that leap.

There is one piece to the equation that most guru’s haven’t told you.

You won’t find it in EntrepreneurForbes, or Inc. magazines.

But it’s a super-powerful insight that can shift you from doubt to determination.

This is probably best illustrated with a case study:

Lisa has a business where she was generating $10,000 a month in sales revenue. She wanted to up-level her income to $20,000 a month.

She worked her plan . . . achieved money goals in the past . . . She still couldn’t move the dial on her numbers.

Lisa is like many other women in business looking to up-level their sales revenue . . .

They aren’t aware of a crucial step, that if ignored . . . is setting themselves up to fail.

It’s not for a lack of doing all of the right things . . . She was just missing an important piece to the puzzle . . .

It came in the form of a question.

She needed an answer to her “why.”

Lisa needed to answer the “why” for increasing her monthly revenue.

At that time, her answer was, “Just because I want to see if I can do it.”

No go, chickadee.

Lisa’s “why” was not strong enough to move the money to make it happen.

She didn’t attach anything specific to the extra $10,000 a month.

Here’s What Lisa Did To Increase Her Sales Revenue:

  1. Discovered a stronger “why” for the money;
  2. Chose a specific intention for the additional dollars, where the money would specifically go or be used for; and
  3. Attached her specific intentions for the money to an actual dollar amount, until all of the intentions added up to her number.

Once she got clear on what she would do with that additional $10,000, all of a sudden, it made sense, and opened the flood gates for it to come in.

Lisa is now at $15,000/month . . . on her way to her goal.

So here is your challenge:

  1. Pick a new monthly sales revenue goal.
  2. Map out what you would use each piece of that money for and attach it to specific dollar amount.

Now, women in business like you, have the crucial keys to up-level your revenue, and do more amazing things to serve your clients on a even bigger rock star level.